Re: gettext-0.10.37 is released

Deaddog writes:

> > Note that Chinese/Japanese PO files in Big5, GBK or Shift_JIS encoding must
> > be modified when switching from 0.10.35 to 0.10.37. A command like
> >   "env OLD_PO_FILE_INPUT=yes msgmerge zh.po PACKAGE.pot -o"
> > will convert a PO file from 0.10.35 syntax (with extraneous backslashes)
> > to 0.10.37 syntax.
> Hmmm, but that introduces more confusion for CJK translations, as any .po
> files has to be submitted 2 times, one with extra '\' and one without.
> One never knows what the version of gettext maintainer is using.....

You can either

  - ask the package maintainer which gettext version he is using, or

  - send the maintainer a new-syntax PO file, and let him use
     env OLD_PO_FILE_OUTPUT=yes msgmerge-0.10.37 zh.po PACKAGE.pot -o
    to convert it to an old-syntax PO file, or

  - submit an UTF-8 encoded PO file and hope all your users have installed
    glibc-2.2 or gettext-0.10.37, which will do the conversion to the user's
    encoding on the fly.


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