Re: GNU gettext-0.10.36 for non-ASCII msgid

Keld Jørn Simonsen <> writes:

> That might be limiting English too much. You have words like naïve and
> some words with æ in proper English spelling.

Please, don't open Pandora's pyxis!  ASCII is ASCII; it is not
ISO-8859-1 or something ;)

After all msgid is nothing more than an ID.  For "proper" spelling use
en_US -- the \x hack has to go away.

> And then there are a number of developers that spell their names with
> non-ascii characters. I would myself feel quite offended if my name
> was misspelled because of silly ascii restrictions.

Choose a clean ASCII notation (e.g. TeX).  This will force the
translator to try to do the right thing.  Don't forget to create

There's no reason to be offended.

> On the other hand I see the practicallity of it. The problem
> will eventually go away when we shift to utf-8

Yes.  Checkout Markus Kuhn's UTF-8 page.

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