Re: Stupid Question


On Thu, Apr 05, 2001 at 07:31:38PM +0800, Hasbullah Pit (sebol) wrote:

>  I've translate gnome-core.pot to ms.po
> and i put the po to the ./po
> i try to rebuild gnome-core , but the doesnt exist

You need t oedit the configure script  and file
and add 'ms' to the ALL_LINGUAS variable
(you can also just install it manually:

msgfmt -o /usr/share/locale/ms/LC_MESSAGES/ ms.po

(check the path is the right one for your system)

In case of ms it is enough to use iso-8859-1 charset, which is
the default; but if that wasn't the case you should
also to create a file /etc/gtk/gtkrc.xx (with xx the language
code) listing an appropriate fontset to use. 

Ki a vos vye bn,
Pablo Saratxaga		PGP Key available, key ID: 0x8F0E4975

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