Re: open translations database

On 2 Nov 2000, Stefan Rieken wrote:

> > If a translator is foudn builty of doing such an horror in total disrespect
> > for the users and the language he is supposed to help; then he must be
> > put in a blacklist and their contributions must be refused for ever.
> This are not translators doing this. This are developers. I suspect
> Helix Code is guity of using Babelfish at some point in the Dutch
> translation, and also Galeon. Helix Code's translation made the whole
> Preview Release 4 unusable because the window became too wide in
> several languages including Dutch. When this was translated by
> individuals, I think they would surely watch their result. But also
> the construction of some sentences provide evidence. Human translators
> know they translate software, not a book. Some translations are most
> clearly done in a "book" context.

No, that is not evidence. You can look at the cvs log yourself, rather
than make such wild accustations.

Evolution's Dutch translation is by

  # Arjan Scherpenisse <>, 2000
  # Gerard Oskamp <>, 2000
  # Dennis Smit <>, 2000
  # Almer S. Tigelaar <>, 2000

Robert Brady

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