Re: cvs account

Hi Keld,

Write to Martin Baulig <>.
According to discussion on the gnome-foundation-list, you have best chances
if you ask him.


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> How do I get my own cvs account for Gnome cvs?
> I have earlier written to get one, but not obtained it yet.
> I only obtained some access to the mailing lists.
> I do contribute a lot of files to the cvs, but have to do this now
> thru Kenneth, or sometimes I use Pablo. It is frustrating.
> I am the main maintainer of the Danish translations of
> Gnome, and I am maintaining about 160.000 lines of .po text.
> I have done this for the last 7-8 months, and I am the main
> contributor to Danish being on the top 5 languages
> for Gnome translations.
> What do I do?
> Kind regards
> Keld
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