Re: Short note to programmers

Tori Andraz <> writes:

> > If you'd like to see things improved you've to post detailed reports to
> > the Bug Tracking System.  Or post the messages here and hope somebody
> > will dare to check in these fixes.
> Hmm yes... why wouldn't translators take care of checking in that kind
> of fixes? 

It depends.  Since I'm not a native speaker I only fix obvious things
(and I do it only if I know or believe the package maintainer doesn't
mind those checkins).

> Just remember, how many different messages that say that file cannot
> be opened have you translated? ...

A library should provide this basic tings -- not libc but an
userfriendly gnome library.  Message coming directly from libc are too
sparse.  In the long run we should make it a habit to display complete
sentences (IMO).

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