Re: Short note to programmers

Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> root <> writes:
> > While translating gnome-utils, I would like to note:
> Your rules are perfectly valid.  But don't think all hackers are reading
> this nice i18n list ;)
> If you'd like to see things improved you've to post detailed reports to
> the Bug Tracking System.  Or post the messages here and hope somebody
> will dare to check in these fixes.

Hmm yes... why wouldn't translators take care of checking in that kind
of fixes? 

Anyway ... i am seeing another problem... very varying ways of saying
the same thing
(trough different packages or even trough the same one)...

Just remember, how many different messages that say that file cannot be
have you translated? ...
I think this kind of messages should be unified, so the users won't be
confused by different
ways of saying the same thing...
And why isn't there a generic message that says that program is covered
under gpl/lgpl ...?
and because that is 'legal notice' .. it is  a nightmare to translate it
fully correctly and meaningfully...

There should be a 'team' in gnome that would take care of some kind of
consistency assurance for GUI ...
(noone should be forced to accept changes proposed... but probably most
of the people would
consider this as a 'good thing' for end users)

Have a nice day
Andraz Tori

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