Re: Subversion migration.

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> From observing planet development and peeking in on other places, it has
> been my experience that this model puts very little pressure on the
> central maintainer to actually integrate patches, so things splinter very
> quickly. The response you get is 'just grab from that repository' when you
> need a fix, instead of the better 'I'll review the patch and get it into
> the repository ASAP.'

Planet is a very, very bad example - few if any of its problems stem from
distributed revision control. Scott and I were far more responsive to merge
requests and so on before we started working for Canonical. Planet has gone
by the wayside since then. It has actually become something of a joke - if
either of us spend time on Planet, it will indicate that we are not being
worked to the bone. :-)

- Jeff

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