Re: political topic [sorry]

Fernando Herrera wrote:

Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 08:53:47AM +0100, Mathieu Lacage escribió:

While I do understand the reason why this has been put on the front
page, it feels to me the Gnome project should avoid such direct
references to events which do not fall within the scope of issues
related to free software.

In the other hand, the statement on the web site is clearly no political, and cannot offense anyone, neither the killers. So I
cannot see any problem with it.
I do think there is a political as well as personal dimension to the topic, and I tend to agree with Mathieu. If community members lost lives or families as a result, some recognition may be appropriate, but I think we should be cautious about the personal dimension on the "front page".

- Bill

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