Re: political topic [sorry]

On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 09:29, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 08:53:47AM +0100, Mathieu Lacage escribió:
> >While I do understand the reason why this has been put on the front
> >page, it feels to me the Gnome project should avoid such direct
> >references to events which do not fall within the scope of issues
> >related to free software.
> 	GNOME is not only a project, GNOME is also a community, and a
> community is people. Some of us (members of the GNOME community:
> developers, translators and maintainers) are living in Madrid. Some of
> us had a terrible day, looking for friends that used to get that train,
> for example. I personally would like to thanks the GNOME community 
> for the support they showed to me (mainly in the IRC).
> 	In the other hand, the statement on the web site is clearly 
> no political, and cannot offense anyone, neither the killers. So I
> cannot see any problem with it.

Anything is political, especially terrorist attacks. And I agree with
Mathieu that if we shouldn't be putting stuff like that on the front
page. I didn't see a note on the front page when a plane crashed in the
WTC[1], or when an earthquake killed people in Turkey. I don't see why
this would be different.

> 	GNOME is a project, a bussiness, millions of line of code, but
> it also is the people behind it.

Yes, and as such it should respect that there's more than just Madrid
where there are terrorist attacks, so you're either mentioning all of
them, or not mentioning them at all. The person that put this note up on
the web page made a decision on behalf on the community that I, for one,
didn't authorise.

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