Hi Derrick,
We plan on switching the mixers in GNOME to using GStreamer 
0.8.x for GNOME 2.6. The advantage of this is that we wouldn't need
to compile the mixer with OSS or ALSA support (or any other sound
architecture for that matter), but instead the mixer
can be used with all the sound architectures we have support for
in GStreamer.

As mentioned by Mark so have we had a discussion on this on
gnome-multimedia mailing list. 

If you would be interested in helping us with the alsa mixer support in
GStreamer that would be really really wonderfull, in fact
it would be highly needed. 

The OSS code is already in GStreamer CVS head and will be in our
GStreamer 0.7.1 release that will happen in one of the next few days.

Please either reply to this mail (think you can remove the gnome-hackers
list from the cc'list and we take this onto gnome-multimedia) or come to
#gstreamer on

Ronald Bultje (BBB on IRC) is the person who has made both the OSS mixer
interface in GStreamer and he has also made a mixer GUI for GNOME using

Hope to hear back from you Derrick.


On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 15:30, Derrick J Houy wrote:
> As the author and maintainer of GNOME ALSA Mixer, I usually host my
> own CVS server with all my projects, but translators are requesting that
> I host this project in GNOME CVS "so that all language teams can easily
> see it and translate it."
> There are many people using this program, although I do not know whether
> it qualifies as "a major contribution to GNOME", so I guess I am opening
> it up for comments in this regard.
> Please submit your comments if you feel that this project would indeed be
> better off hosted at GNOME.
> The current CVS repository can be viewed at:
> Regards,
> Derrick (or Dennis for those who know me by my old name)
> _______________________________________________
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