<quote who="Derrick J Houy">

> As the author and maintainer of GNOME ALSA Mixer, I usually host my
> own CVS server with all my projects, but translators are requesting that
> I host this project in GNOME CVS "so that all language teams can easily
> see it and translate it."
> There are many people using this program, although I do not know whether
> it qualifies as "a major contribution to GNOME", so I guess I am opening
> it up for comments in this regard.
> Please submit your comments if you feel that this project would indeed be
> better off hosted at GNOME.

Hi Derrick,

Not only would I encourage you to use GNOME CVS for your project (our i18n
team will love you), but you may want to get in touch with Ted Gould [1],
maintainer of gnome-media, because the mixer needs some ALSA love! Perhaps
it would make sense to combine the two? It has been discussed on
gnome-multimedia list in the last couple of weeks, so is already in people's
heads as a todo item, particularly since Linux 2.6 is well on its way.


- Jeff

[1] Ted Gould <ted gould cx>

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
     "First: This is not a race." - Jody Goldberg on the Free Software

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