Re: GNOME Newsletter...writing and editing

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 11:25:35AM +0000, Glynn Foster wrote:
> > Second, who is/are the target audience(s) going to be and what sort of
> > messages are we hoping to get across to them? Defining that with at
> > least a bit of clarity could help.
> I think we initially want to target current users, potential users and
> corporate customers. I guess at the moment I see the role as another
> piece of propaganda advertising GNOME as a real solution for a desktop
> environment.  I want to create a picture of the GNOME project being a
> really active place where a lot of work is going on and hopefully, that
> other people should be a part of - whether that's contributing towards
> GNOME's success or simply just deploying it in a school, college,
> office, whatever...
> If anyone has any other suggestions of who we should be targeting, I'd
> be very happy to listen.

I see this newsletter as a vechile for spreading the GNOME love and
showing the new cool uses GNOME has for the real world and not just
developers.  I think the scope of this newsletter should be fairly
narrow.  I think the target audience should be desktop users and power
users or system administrators.  This is a fairly narrow audience and
consists of the majority of people who just want to use GNOME.

I think if we are only going to distribute the GNOME newsletter
quarterly it should be fairly big.  A lot happens with GNOME in 3
months time.  It seems like the release team will keep up with the 6
month release schedule.  This means the newsletter will only have two
editions to talk about a release.  So, I think the newsletter should
be big and contain lots of information users will find
useful....tutorials, tips, screenshots, interviews, and small guides.
I'm thinking about 20 pages with full color screenshots and pictures
of GNOME events.

I think a GNOME newsletter is a great idea and would be glad to write
an article for it.

Eric Baudais

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