Re: Proposal for inclusion of Straw in the Gnome CVS

tis 2003-12-09 klockan 00.04 skrev Mikael Hallendal:
> Hmm ,, just saw in Juri's blog that he intented to make the GNOME CVS
> module a read only one, with the main repo in arch. Then I don't see any
> point in having it in GNOME CVS. 
> The main benefits of having it in GNOME CVS is imho to have the
> translators being able to work directly against the CVS and to have
> others that want to contribute being able to work against the same CVS
> as they are already working (and having accounts).
> Having it in Arch and sync it every know and then doesn't seem to give
> much compared to having people that want to try it out using the
> tarballs instead.

If Juri is prepared to manually sync all changes made in CVS with his
arch repository╣, then I don't see why not. Having the full source
available in GNOME CVS definately helps translators.


╣ Although personally, I must admit I cannot understand why anyone would
go through this amount of pain with syncing with cvs to be able to keep
the master source in arch. I guess arch must be really good to be worth

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