Re: Addition of Gnome Jabber to

Christian Rose <menthos menthos com> writes:


> And's physical resources are limited, as the people
> actually running the stuff keep telling, so I think it's clear that
> all applications cannot be hosted and that we'd want to limit
> ourselves to one application of any kind if possible. At least
> that's my interpretion of those discussions.

Is that really what people think about this? I've always thought that
the policy for adding things to Gnome CVS was that the software should
be for Gnome, be well-maintained and of good quality.

By keeping an application out of the Gnome CVS, it is also kept from
being supported by the Gnome translation teams.

Is the resources situation really so desperate? If this was the 10th
Jabber client in CVS, I could understand the position.

Ole Laursen

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