Re: Addition of Gnome Jabber to

mån 2003-08-18 klockan 21.35 skrev Martyn Russell:
> Currently it is one of the most developed Jabber clients using GTK/Gnome 2.  I 
> am taking steps to get integrate it into Gnome as much as possible as originally 
> it was written with delivery on Windows in mind.  It works on Windows, but my 
> primary focus is Gnome.  I am even thinking of dropping Windows development.

I had a quick look at and to my
(non-coder) eyes it certainly seems featureful and under active

There already is at least one Jabber client in GNOME CVS though; Gossip
( developed by Richard and
Mikael. And's physical resources are limited, as the people
actually running the stuff keep telling, so I think it's clear that all
applications cannot be hosted and that we'd want to limit ourselves to
one application of any kind if possible. At least that's my interpretion
of those discussions.

Which brings up the question -- how does Gnome Jabber compare to Gossip?
What are the differences to Gossip? What's common? What are the
benefits? What are the drawbacks of one over the other?

Are you familiar with Gossip? Have you spoken to Richard and Mikael? If
there's any difference in goals or methods of the projects, I'm sure
people here would like to know about those.

Anyway, just my personal thoughts,


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