Re: Notification area

ginxd btopenworld com writes:

> > Argh, please, please don't abuse the notification area for this! The
> >notification area is for a specific purpose (which none really seems
> >to agree on), not for all applets.


> I will change Gnome Jabber if I can get it working, but I may need
> some help on this. Plus, last time I checked the panel documentation
> was a little dated.

Well, if it is for an IM client, I don't think it's wrong to use the
notification area. Some people think it is, some don't. There was a
huge discussion about it without any consensus. Hence the rest of my
previous email.

I thought you were talking about using the notification area instead
of making an ordinary applet just for the sake of cross-desktop

Ole Laursen

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