Re: [GNOME VFS] gob inside gnome-vfs ...

Ian McKellar wrote:

There's one thing I don't know about gob, and 2 things that are
annoying. Does it handle properties ? and 1) it regenerates the .h file
even though nothing has changed in it (ie. you changed the
implementation, not the "public" api, and the fact that you have to
write so much crap in the to handle the .gob files. It
should be possible to write a macro for that, certainly.

It handles properties really nicely but it does regenerate the .h file
when you change the API. Its a pity, but I think maintaining some kind
of api state would be difficult and possibly hacky. We would have to
worry not only about the public api but also the private API.
It should be fairly trivial to get GOB to write the header to a temporary file, and compare it with the existing header before moving it into place. Don't know how much more difficult this would make the makefile rules.


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