Re: memory allocations.

Ulrich Drepper <drepper redhat com> writes: 
> What an application with thousands of memory requests should do (and
> not at the g_malloc level) is to keep memory pool for object of one
> type.  These could eventually be kept in per-thread.  If applications
> are allocation (and not freeing) thousands of little blocks this
> should be handled by analyzing the object's lifetime and putting them
> in one struct.

This is already done for many objects in GTK/GNOME, especially small
blocks like list nodes.

> If you cannot do this use an automatic garbage collection mechanisms.

Everyone would prefer that, plenty of people are trying to figure out
a practical way to migrate in that direction.

For now, things can be improved, but posting profiling or other
analysis is the only way to have something more to say than


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