Hacker Birthdays on Gnotices

Hey all,

I thought we decided to *not* post hacker birthdays to Gnotices a while
back? Not because there's a lack of love or anything, mostly because it's
kinda funny to post some and not others, etc.

Can we take the birthday category out so there's no confusion about this?

[ The new site has a calendar component, so we can put birthdays in there,
without making them as grand as news items or anything. ;) They will pop up
on the front page and the calendar page as 'gnome things happening today'
type things. ]

- Jeff

    "Ever had a morning where you were not kissed and told 'I love you,'    
       when the night before you SCREWED so wildly that you could not       
        remember? GOOD MORNING!!!!" - Andre Hedrick, Linux ATA Dude         

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