Re: Problems with xscreensaver && i18n

hi people.

I didn't know this old debate had returned, but from the last time i saw
this debate on the gnomecc list I specifically saw Jamie offer to change
the capplet in xscreensaver to conform to the demands that the GNOME
community had if that meant that GNOME would ditch our own capplet. 

Judging by these mails that isn't the case, so my suggestion is that the
current capplet is kept and the maintainers of the current capplet put
Jamie on their /ignore list.


On Wed, 2002-02-13 at 02:15, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 16:57, Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> > If you send me a patch, and your patch doesn't suck, I'll include it.
> > If it sucks, I won't.
> Carlos offered a patch:
> "<carlos> jwz: Will you accept a i18n patch?"
> Though you didn't reply.
> > If you continue asking me to do your work for you, or if you continue
> > nagging me about things I don't feel like talking about, when I don't
> > feel like talking about them, I'll continue to ignore you.
> Completely understandable, although these couple of nasty emails could
> have easily been avoided by saying "send me a patch", or "file a bug
> with a patch", or even "I don't feel like talking about this at the
> moment, ask some other time", rather than simply leaving.  Hopefully
> Carlos will send a patch for your review, so that we can get this
> cleared up without further bruising.
> 	Greg
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> Portland, Oregon, USA.
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