Re: Problems with xscreensaver && i18n

On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 16:57, Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> If you send me a patch, and your patch doesn't suck, I'll include it.
> If it sucks, I won't.

Carlos offered a patch:
"<carlos> jwz: Will you accept a i18n patch?"
Though you didn't reply.

> If you continue asking me to do your work for you, or if you continue
> nagging me about things I don't feel like talking about, when I don't
> feel like talking about them, I'll continue to ignore you.

Completely understandable, although these couple of nasty emails could
have easily been avoided by saying "send me a patch", or "file a bug
with a patch", or even "I don't feel like talking about this at the
moment, ask some other time", rather than simply leaving.  Hopefully
Carlos will send a patch for your review, so that we can get this
cleared up without further bruising.

Portland, Oregon, USA.

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