Problems with xscreensaver && i18n

Hello guys.

Sorry if I get here an old flamewar but I cannot agree with the
xscreensaver applet remove from gnome-cc with the actual conditions :-(

This is a small conversation between Jamie Zawinski and me today at


<carlos> jwz: Will you add gettext support to xscreensaver?

after waiting about 30 minutes for an answer

<carlos> jwz: Have you read my question?
<jwz> carlos: your question doesn't interest me
<carlos> jwz: ???
<carlos> jwz: Why?
<carlos> jwz: Will you accept a i18n patch?
<carlos> jwz: I agree with you that we must only have a xscreensaver
applet and the actual solution is a good solution
<carlos> jwz: but if you don't want to add it i18n support because it
does not interest you
<-- jwz (~jwz membrane dnalounge com) has left #gnome
<carlos> jwz_away: I don't agree with the applet remove from gnome-cc


Me, as translator and as GNOME hacker, cannot accept this attitude. We
are trying to bring GNOME to all people around the world and if we don't
have a technical problem it's a really stupid attitude.

The first solution I was thinking about was asking you to restore the
previous xscreensaver applet  (or copy the new one) but Kmaraas has
showed me another solution (that is a pain, but it's a solution), do the
patch that jwz don't want to apply to main package and ask distributions
(as RedHat, Mandrake, Debian, SuSE and others) to apply it in their
packages (and perhaps distribute the package + the patch at

I know that jwz has done a good work as a free software hacker but I
don't think that this kind of attitude with people will help him to get
contributors when he need it.

Jamie, please think that you are throwing away all translators work
(more that 700 strings). You were angry because we had two xscreensaver
applets, and now, you are doing a worst thing!!!

I know that we cannot force you to accept this patch but this kind of
attitude does not help GNOME at all.


Carlos Perelló Marín
mailto:carlos gnome-db org
mailto:carlos perello hispalinux es
Valencia - Spain

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