Re: Resurrecting Oregano from Limbo

On Mon, 2002-02-11 at 19:13, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Hello,


> Richard Hult, the author of Oregano, can't commit more time to this
> application, and he'd be willing to hand the maintainership over to
> someone else.
> AFAIK, it's the most complete application of its type, but in the last
> few months it has fallen back into a pseudo-unmaintaned status, as
> Richard can't hack on it further.

I created gael without knowing about oregano. Once I discovered oregano
richard and I had some talk about it. He pointed that although advanced,
oregano hadn't a very scalable design. He was on the point to write a
second version but as he was heavily working on some other projects
(mrproject mostly, plus contribution here and there) he hadn't the time
So we shared ideas and I started coding on gael. Gael has been designed
for Gnome2. Gael's website is

> If someone is interested in taking over this fine app, please mail
> Richard about it, and if you're so kind, Cc: me, as I'd be happy to
> hear about it.

If someone is interested in taking over this fine app, please mail me as
well. EDA is a huge huge field so we need to lots of efforts to make a
nice EDA.

Gael's web site is far outdated as I don't have the time to either work,
find a new job, change home, hack, test gnome2 and do the website.
If someone's interested in working on the website as well, go ahead.


 Xavier Ordoquy, Aurora-linux
 "The software said 'runs on Win95 or better,' so I installed it on

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