Resurrecting Oregano from Limbo


Richard Hult, the author of Oregano, can't commit more time to this
application, and he'd be willing to hand the maintainership over to
someone else.

Oregano is an electrical circuit editor, or, as the webpage [1] puts it:

"Oregano is an application for schematic capture and simulation of
electrical circuits. For the actual simulation, Oregano acts as a
front-end for SPICE, which is more or less the industry standard for
circuit simulation."

AFAIK, it's the most complete application of its type, but in the last
few months it has fallen back into a pseudo-unmaintaned status, as
Richard can't hack on it further.

If someone is interested in taking over this fine app, please mail
Richard about it, and if you're so kind, Cc: me, as I'd be happy to
hear about it.

Please Cc: any replies to this mail, as I'm not subscribed to any of
these lists.

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