Re: Mono and GNOME. The long reply.

Hi Rodrigo,

> yes, that's true. In fact, the gnome-office mailing list and the
> #gnome-office IRC channel seem to be almost dead. It would be really
> great, now that we have Bonobo, and that nice plugin architecture in
> abiword you say, if we really started to make GO applications work
> together.
> The only cooperation I know of is the GDA plugin in gnumeric (which lets
> you insert data from a database in a gnumeric spreadsheet).
> So, what about having some talk on how we can make GO applications
> cooperate a bit more? I think we've got all the infrastructure in place
> (mature apps like gnumeric 1.0 and abiword, Bonobo, etc), so we only
> need to do the hooks between the different applications.

Yes indeed. Just last night I updated my wifes tiny business database in
MS Works. We just use it generate envolope printing.

We have perl scripting in abiword, we have GDA, we have plugins in
AbiWword. We can do all this pretty quickly I think. I think it's time I
migrated her business to Linux :-)

Drop by and chat.



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