Re: Mono and GNOME. The long reply.

> Right. Spend two years building the platform and in the meantime KOffice
> eats our lunch....

I will refer you to the Open Office thread.  

Neither the KOffice or the Gnome Office project are close to deliver
something along the lines of Open Office, even with our best intentions,
we are still three to four years away from having something as complete
as Open Office has.

If you want to see a good office suite for Linux available, the right
place to invest your time and effort is Open Office.  

Just so you know where am coming from: I did write a large chunk of
gnumeric and it troubles me to see such a beautiful code base not mature
and become larger, but we are still missing too many features in there
that are used by real spreadsheet users.  The same applies to the other
components of the office suite.

We should help the Open Office developers improve their importers, and
make sure that Open Office can cope with Microsoft file formats as well
as our applications do.

KOffice and Gnome Office are in the `Works' category of spreadsheets in
the 2-3 year range.  Open Office is the only one in the "office"
category really.


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