Re: The NEW gnome-terminal!

Further stuff:

	* I do not plan on defending using gnome-terminal more than
 	  needed, I was reacting to the `if you have objections, raise
	  them now' part of the post.

	* I figured that we had agreed (and we discussed this recently
	  on the board call) about the new session manager, metacity and
	  gnome terminal, and this reflected what Havoc said: he is not
	  pushing for those, but working on them on his spare time.

Whatever the release team decides is fine.  I can port the
gnome-terminal to the 2 code base (I did not know it was not ported),
but the hard part is really zvt, not the limited GUI features it has.

I just wanted to get some clarification and make sure that we do not
engage into redoing the whole platform and never shipping a gnome 2. 


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