Re: The NEW gnome-terminal!

> Second, a general point: the original idea of GNOME 2 was to just port
> to new libs. That means the plan was that we would NOT compile with
> GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED etc., we would NOT port to GConf, we would NOT
> take advantage of the accessibility stuff, and we would NOT make the
> rather large libgnomeui changes that were made. 

You are mixing different time lines.  Sure, at some point in history, I
am sure that some kind of plan along those lines existed, but never in a
combo as you describe it here:

That must be a very old plan, because GConf was part of the things thatI
am sure we had discussed at GUADEC 2.  Accessibility was the reason that
Gtk 1.3 got delayed so much. 

> The vast bulk of actual work on GNOME 2 has been on doing all these
> things we were NOT going to do.  Starting with Martin as the first
> person to work on GNOME 2 much, and continuing to many other guilty
> parties including myself, large pieces have been rewritten or
> substantially so, and everyone has insisted on stripping out all
> deprecated features and actually taking advantage of new libs, not
> just porting to them. 

Again, this is before the formal agreement that was reached at GUADEC. 
I am not talking about prehistorical agreements.  I am talking about
what has been discussed over and over, and what we agreed on the board
calls which was that we should just get the thing shipping and no more
feature additions, no rewriting of more code.


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