Hi Miguel,

I know The Register is usually full of lies and FUD, but this article
pissed me off:

I don't think you should be giving interviews about Mono in your
position as "Gnome leader", especially when you're talking about your
opinions on incorporating .NET into GNOME. You don't speak for me and
you don't speak for most of the GNOME developers I know.

We all value the contributions you've made to GNOME on a personal level
and on a technical level. You were the single person who is most
responsible for me getting as involved as I am. Seeing articles like
this makes me angry and makes me lose respect for you.

The failure of the Bonobo experiment should make us cautious about
adopting Microsoft technologies too quickly in the future. I see the
Mono project as interesting but as relevant to GNOME as Wine or Samba


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