Re: [Usability] Re: The state of keyboard navigation

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 13:03, Calum Benson wrote:
> Calum Benson wrote:
> > I've just updated the keynav proposal tables at
> > with an extra
> > column, listing what keynav seems to be in place as of Tuesday.
> > Executive summary: gtk is mostly keyboard navigable, but not necessarily
> > either consistently or in the way we proposed.
> I've just updated the keynav lists at the URL above with a fair
> smattering of libgnomeui widgets too.  Some of these are in a right old
> state keynav wise; IconList and DateEntry spring to mind  :(  I've filed
> bug reports for the new ones where appropriate.

Sorry to add to the spam count, but the list of GNOME2+keynav bugs is

If you have a keynav bug that you believe is GNOME2 worthy, please make
sure when you file it that you add the GNOME2 and keynav keywords to the


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