Re: GNOME and .NET

Hi all,
Actually reading the article I think Miguel makes it quite clear that 
this is his opinion and not path the GNOME community has already
adopted. I don't see why Miguel shouldn't be allowed to advocate his
view, I know I advocate my own views on many occassions and so do a lot
of other people. Or are we do adopt a policy that noone is allowed to
state their opinion about how GNOME should evolve unless it has the
GNOME Foundaton seal of approval, I hope not.

Also marking Bonobo as a failure is a rather weird view, it might not be
as widely used in GNOME today as we might have planed 2 years ago, but
it is definetly in there and it is being used in more and more parts of
GNOME for each release we make.


On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 21:30, Ian McKellar wrote:
> Hi Miguel,
> I know The Register is usually full of lies and FUD, but this article
> pissed me off:
> I don't think you should be giving interviews about Mono in your
> position as "Gnome leader", especially when you're talking about your
> opinions on incorporating .NET into GNOME. You don't speak for me and
> you don't speak for most of the GNOME developers I know.
> We all value the contributions you've made to GNOME on a personal level
> and on a technical level. You were the single person who is most
> responsible for me getting as involved as I am. Seeing articles like
> this makes me angry and makes me lose respect for you.
> The failure of the Bonobo experiment should make us cautious about
> adopting Microsoft technologies too quickly in the future. I see the
> Mono project as interesting but as relevant to GNOME as Wine or Samba
> are.
> Ian
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