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On Thu, May 17, 2001 at 03:28:18AM -0700, George wrote:
> On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 04:33:34PM -0700, Bart Decrem wrote:
> > I regret to inform you that Eazel is in fact shutting down.
> I just want to say that I enjoyed working for Eazel a great deal.  I hope to
> work with all of the Eazel people further on GNOME, and perhaps one day in a
> company again (perhaps Eazel++??:).  Hopefully both the financial climate
> will get better soon, and also free software and GNOME will get a bigger
> piece of the desktop market pie.  Eazel contributed to this quite a bit.  And
> so there was no wasted effort.  Eazel has made the goal of free software on
> people's desktop much closer then we could have without Eazel.  It has also
> given us a the kick in the ass we needed to make such a huge leap in
> usability.

Eazel enjoyed you working for them a great deal too.  Thanks.

> I for one have learned a LOT working at Eazel.  I learned that the user is
> most important when designing a UI (sounds obvious, but it takes effort to
> continuously think about it).  I hope I have improved my coding by watching
> "the masters" at work.  I have learned many things about prioritizing and
> managing projects (not that I actually follow this much:).  And most
> importantly, I have learned how to fill out an expense report.

Did you learn to fill out expense report from me or that financial
wizard Maciej? ;)

> For that I thank the entire Eazel Team, and I hope if there is ever an
> Eazel++ Team, I may be part of it.
> George
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