last 10 eazel tshirts, get'em now :)

Hi guys,

I've got 12 Eazel tshirts left and I'm happy to mail them out to the
first 12 people who send me their info.  If you live outside of the US,
you should feel free to send $5 to bart decrem com via Paypal to help me
pay for shipping etc - but I'll send you the shirts regardless.

Here's what I've got:
- 1 Extra Large
- 4 Large
- 7 Medium

So let me know what size you want and tell me what to do if I don't have
your size anymore (send you a bad size or don't send you anything?). 
First come first serve.  Make sure to give me your mailing address
(duh).  Warning: the tshirts are *very* boring (black, Eazel logo), but
hey, they'll soon be collector's items.



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