Re: Eazel

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 04:33:34PM -0700, Bart Decrem wrote:
> I regret to inform you that Eazel is in fact shutting down.

I just want to say that I enjoyed working for Eazel a great deal.  I hope to
work with all of the Eazel people further on GNOME, and perhaps one day in a
company again (perhaps Eazel++??:).  Hopefully both the financial climate
will get better soon, and also free software and GNOME will get a bigger
piece of the desktop market pie.  Eazel contributed to this quite a bit.  And
so there was no wasted effort.  Eazel has made the goal of free software on
people's desktop much closer then we could have without Eazel.  It has also
given us a the kick in the ass we needed to make such a huge leap in

I for one have learned a LOT working at Eazel.  I learned that the user is
most important when designing a UI (sounds obvious, but it takes effort to
continuously think about it).  I hope I have improved my coding by watching
"the masters" at work.  I have learned many things about prioritizing and
managing projects (not that I actually follow this much:).  And most
importantly, I have learned how to fill out an expense report.

For that I thank the entire Eazel Team, and I hope if there is ever an
Eazel++ Team, I may be part of it.


George <jirka 5z com>
   I wanna be sedated.  -- Ramones

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