GNOME 1.4.1 "Phoenix rising"?

I was feeling bored today and thought maybe a new GNOME release would
make me feel better. So, I've compiled a list of new releases of
packages since 1.4.0 and wondered if you good people would be so kind as
to comment on the releasability of these packages.

If we can agree on a set of packages there shouldn't be much work in
doing the actual release, should there? /me runs

1.4.0			1.4.1
GConf-1.0.0		GConf-1.0.1
ammonite-1.0.0		ammonite-1.0.2
audiofile-0.2.1		audiofile-0.2.1		(*)
bonobo-0.37		bonobo-1.0.6
control-center-	control-center-	(*)
esound-0.2.22		esound-0.2.22		(*)
gdk-pixbuf-0.10.1	gdk-pixbuf-0.11
gdm-2.2.0		gdm-
ggv-1.0			ggv-1.0.1
ghex-1.2		ghex-1.2.1
glade-0.6.2		glade-0.6.2		(*)
glib-1.2.9		glib-1.2.10
gnome-games-	gnome-games-	(*)
gnome-libs-1.2.13	gnome-libs-1.2.13	(*)
gnome-media-1.2.0	gnome-media-1.2.3
gnome-pim-1.4.0		gnome-pim-1.4.0		(*)
gnome-print-0.28	gnome-print-0.29
gnome-python-1.4.0	gnome-python-1.4.1
gnome-user-docs-1.4.1	gnome-user-docs-1.4.1
gnome-utils-1.4.0	gnome-utils-
gnome-vfs-1.0		gnome-vfs-1.0.1
gnomemm-1.15		gnomemm-1.15		(*)
gtk+-1.2.9		gtk+-1.2.10
gtk-engines-0.12	gtk-engines-0.12	(*)
gtkmm-1.2.5		gtkmm-1.2.5		(*)
gtop-1.0.13		gtop-1.0.13		(*)
imlib-1.9.10		imlib-1.9.10		(*)
libghttp-1.0.9		libghttp-1.0.9		(*)
libglade-0.16		libglade-0.16		(*)
libgtop-1.0.12		libgtop-1.0.12		(*)
libsig++-1.0.3		libsig++-1.0.3		(*)
libxml-1.8.11		libxml-1.8.13
oaf-0.6.5		oaf-0.6.5		(*)
panelmm-0.1		panelmm-0.1		(*)
rep-gtk-0.15		rep-gtk-0.15		(*)
sawfish-0.38		sawfish-0.38		(*)
scrollkeeper-0.2	scrollkeeper-0.2	(*)
xalf-0.7		xalf-0.7		(*)
xml-i18n-tools-0.8.1	xml-i18n-tools-0.8.4
bug-buddy-2.0.1		bug-buddy-2.0.6
nautilus-	nautilus-1.0.4

The ones marked with (*) haven't had a release since GNOME 1.4 was

I could make a list of major improvements in the components if there is
incentive to make another major release.

I'll stop here so I don't end up wasting time if noone wants a new
release :)

Comments are more than welcome.


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