Re: Release coordination - a clarification

On 23 Jun 2001 18:10:07 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
>  no one ever votes "no" for any feature, ever. It just doesn't happen. 

Well.... maybe pie menus.

> Anyhow, I really think a few good people spending lots of thought can
> do better on an issue than a vote, especially if there's a public
> discussion everyone can participate in before the few people decide.

Not to mention the overhead in setting up a popular vote. Remember the
foundation elections? It was necessary, but I hope that wouldn't happen
with every technical issue that pops up... It's the same reason why we
don't live in a true democracy: if everyone voted on everything all the
time, (a) nothing would ever get done and/or (b) people would be too
wrapped up in voting to do anything else.

An RFP procedure adds some overhead, yeah, but oh well. This sort of
process is necessary in any large project, free or commercial.


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