Re: [linux-audio-dev] CSL-0.1.2 Release

>> >Your model describes a partial reality, a too partial reality in my
>> >opinion.
>> Your model describes a world that has already been shown to be full of
>> problems and complexity. Other *existing* models that are as simple as
>> the one I propose have been shown to work for much more powerful audio
>> applications than we have on Linux at the present time.
>I think it's not the right approach to try to lobotomize an existing
>world to not cope with its complexities.

when the existing world is itself a man-made creation, and a rather
short-lived one at that, i think a lobotomy is perfectly justified.

>You're simply saying that some (most?) objects have no properties. This
>is supported by my model. But other do have some. This is the truth.

No, I'm saying that almost all applications do not need to know about
or modify object properties, and therefore, they should be able to use
an API that doesn't include them.

The engine class of application does need to be able to modify them,
and ALSA is an excellent API for such things.


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