Re: Release coordination - a clarification

On 23 Jun 2001 18:52:00 -0700, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Not every decision we make
> is of a detailed technical matter. Pretty much everyone on this list is
> at least somewhat technically competent, its not like asking a random
> person off the street "what do you think of gconf vs. bonobo-config".

Yes, but my whole point is that "somewhat technically competent" !=
"has a meaningful opinion on Foo vs. Bar".

I like to think of myself as somewhat technically competent (on a good
day, at least), and I don't think my opinion on this issue means much of
anything.  So I guess I'm declaring myself incompetent.

Now I think I am capable of forming a reasonably intelligent technical
opinion after carefully studying the problem, looking at code, thinking
about the issues, etc.  But this takes time.  A more efficient approach
would be for quasi-neutral parties to prepare a summary document (or
documents) that outline the technical pros and cons without ever using
the words "fuck you".  But now we are approaching something resembling
Havoc's RFP system, which I personally think makes a lot of sense.

The only deep insight I got out of last weekend's flamewar is that a
bunch of bright people are disagreeing violently with one another. And
that the vehemence of the arguments seems to spring from some suspicions
and paranoia that, having been sublimated for too long, burst onto the
scene with a pyrotechnic frenzy.

Based on the flamewar alone, the only basis I'd have to vote would be my
membership in the Secret Ximian Conspiracy(tm).  But that is another
issue entirely. :-)


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