Re: control center plans, etc.

Glynn said:

>You see this stems back to another usability issue that I
>remember Calum talking about....So if we have access to
>the capplets in nautilus, control center shell, through the
>menus, through commandline [by typing in blah-properties-capplet] 
>we now have 4 ways of accessing this stuff....Actually 
>potentially 5 if we allow sys admins to be able to script this
>sort of stuff through gconf.
>IMHO, this is *way* too many....and I think this is confusing to
>users, devastating to documentation...and in general complete

I am not really convinced that this is the case.  Users already have 
(potentially) many ways to launch apps - panel, menus, commandline, 
browser plugins....

and they have come to expect this flexibility.  


As long as 'apps' (and i include capplets here, from the user's 
viewpoint) are available consistently *in the way the user prefers* then 
there is no problem if these apps are available vis other routes as 
well, at least from a usability perspective.  It only looks broken to 
the user if some apps must be launched one way, others another way, 



>	Anyways, what do I know?...
>		See ya,
>				Glynn ;)
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