Re: GConf and bonobo-config - some ideas

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Dietmar Maurer <dietmar ximian com> writes:
> > The question is if this is a common usage scenario. So what other
> > examples exists?
> >
> Well, I think you can always replace dynamic key names with a
> sufficiently complex data structure at a single key - so no, I can't
> think of an example where you can't do that. The issue is simply
> whether it's a good idea to do that. ;-)

That was not my question. If the list is the only example where it is
usable to use schemas, then there are others ways to solve that problem,
i.e. we can associated the documentation with the directory (and not
introduce a complex data type). A default value makes no sense anyway.
So I am really interested if there are more such scenarios?

- Dietmar

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