Re: control center plans, etc.

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, Stephen Browne wrote:

> Hi Bradford,
> > Reading down this thread I have found several messages suggesting that
> > there should not be a shell at all. While I generally agree that the
> > need for a shell is minimal when users are running Nautilus, having such
> > a shell available is useful for folks who do not wish to run a file
> > manager.
> Consider people who don't like running file managers  (If you are one of
> these
> people perhaps you can confirm or deny this):
>     If they don't want to use a GUI filemanager what makes you think they
>     want a cute GUI to launch config tools?  They use command line or maybe
>     a menu?
> I don't see why we need one shell for launching config apps and another
> for launching all other apps.

Actually, I'm a person who hates GUI filemanagers but likes the idea of a
shell for launching configuration 'thingies':

	* I can bind launching that shell to a keybinding

	* I can prelaunch it, minimise it and easily bring it back

	* Most importantly, I don't have to go groping around in some
	  stupid menu to change the configuration

There isn't a convinient command line access to gnome configuration (at
least compared to access to file system operations).

> Stephen.


One day a tortoise will learn to fly
	-- Terry Pratchett, 'Small Gods'

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