Re: GConf - defaults.

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Right. GConf does not handle this exactly as I'd like at the
> moment. My view on this is the following:
>  - apps should be able to just assume the schema default will be
>    found, much as they assume their Glade files or icon files will
>    be found. i.e. lack of the schema default means a broken
>    installation.
>  - once you can assume that, you don't need to put defaults in the
>    app code, or at least don't need to care much what they are

I think there are several type of errors, for example:

    - the program does not find a default value at all (missing schema)

    - the backend delivers a value with a wrong type

    - something is wrong with the backend.

IMO the program should always do something reasonable, and its not much work to
implement that.

- Dietmar

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