Re: GConf - defaults.

Another rather orthogonal point, that perhaps belongs on gconf-list.

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, someone wrote:
> > I believe this has been discussed previously - it is very important that
> > the default value be stored in the schema, and only in the schema.

	This sounds like a good plan on the face of it.

	However, when you consider multiple parallel installs of eg.
gnumeric, each adding and removing keys from the database 0 with only the
latest schema and defaults installed, it seems neccessary to have sensible
defaults in the application as well.

	Furthermore, if you entertain the possibility of gconf failing -
perhaps during the runtime of the application, and thus a value not being
available / valid - the problem is more acute: total failure, or the
existance of a sensible default in the code.

	Consequently, while the default in the schema appears very useful
for administration of various sorts - it seems clear to me that defaults
will (or should) in fact be coded into the application as well. So I would
design a hypothetical system to do that easily myself.



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