Re: GConf and bonobo-config - some ideas

Hi Havoc,

>It's been on gconf-list a bit I think. 

Yes, I suggested the extension to allow a backend to notify gconfd about
changes made, either by another user's gconfd or by some direct
access to the configuration mechanism implemented by the backend
(such as an LDAP directory server that's also accessed by LDAP clients).

There is another general option; we could implement a service to perform
change-notification for all GConf daemons. This would be more efficient
for backends that can't easily implement change-notification themselves,
such as the XML backend. The kinds of backends that are more likely
to be shared with non-GConf clients (like LDAP) generally do support

Basically we would store the OAFID (or IOR) of a new change-notification
service in "/gconf/change-notification" in each storage partition. If we had
(do we have?!) an ORBit implementation of the CORBA event service, this
would be ideal. This service would be used by gconfd instances to
keep each other in sync; naturally a gconfd would only need to connect
to the change-notification service for the storage partitions that it
has open, it would even be possible to add filtering at the same level
as is supported by the GConf API.

To be realistic, this is post-GNOME 2.0, but it's eminently upwardly
compatible as it needs to have no impact on the GConf API (or ABI) that
applications use.


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>Subject: Re: GConf and bonobo-config - some ideas
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>jacob berkman <jacob ximian com> writes: 
>> if new gconf things (values, defaults) get installed, do running
>> gconfd's get updated?
>> i don't want to rehash stuff already talked about, so if this was
>> discussed previously on the gconf list or somewhere else please let me
>> know and i'll go read it.
>It's been on gconf-list a bit I think. 
>Basic summary is that the backend needs to be able to initiate a
>notify. For the XML backend this would probably be done by polling the
>filesystem (unless someone has better ideas).  Some backends could
>have less crappy ways to do it.
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