Re: control center plans, etc.

On 20 Jun 2001 15:41:10 -0400, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> Chema Celorio <chema ximian com> writes:
> > I am not sure about this for the timeframe we want to do it. I think
> > this should be revisited after we have a control center that is beeing
> > used out there. Windows XP removed the "task based" control center from
> > their previous beta for some reason (or at least we could not find it
> > anymore), maybe it didn't worked well in usability testing.
> I know I found it fairly confusing.

(just a reminder: it's still there)

while i feel that the task stuff makes a lot of sense, you and i
 talking about if we think something is easy to use doesn't make sense,
 really, since we aren't our target audience here.

so, either we could do some user testing here or trust MS's user
testing, of which they are more funded and experienced at doing.

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