Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream

> > 1) "gconf:" is re-written to be a wrapper for GConf
> The wrapper was written 2 months ago.

So I gathered, but it sounds like gconf: currently uses its own
implementation of gconf? (I'm not sure, this is just the impression I
got). It sounds to me like if gconf: moved over to using the wrapper
(and config: too, of course) we would be at a pretty good compromise.

- bonobo-config exists with CORBA interfaces that allow bindings by any
language, and some of its other advantages like flattening data
- Havoc's GConf error handling etc is used
- We introduce some new code, but less than a complete re-implementation
- Compatibility with the GNOME 1.4 config system (GConf) is retained,

 "gconf-plus:" or whatever could also exist if you don't want to drop
the work you've put into a GConf re-implementation, but its important to
decide now that we won't be pushing it (and I actually suggest dropping
it altogether, lest we become incompatible with ourselves).

> > 3) libgnome be written using bonobo-config (since this is already done),
> > but we use "gconf:" as quickly as possible to test it and get all bugs
> > worked out of the system (hopefully the number of bugs will be reduced
> > by using the fairly well tested gconf, though obviously the wrapper is
> > going to need to provide *some* extra functionality here).
> no, we use "config:".

Much better. Thinko on my part.


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