I guess I missed the whole point

hi all,

I have gotten sick of the cross-posting: it was just too painfull. I
really think this thread belongs to g-h, so moving it there.

	- I don't fucking belong to any company. I don't hate everyone.
	- I have not read my mail regularly in the past 5 months.

However, I would like to point out two things which maybe got out of the
picture in needless technical discussions:
	- there was no dicussion to change gnome-libs to use gconf (there were
technical discussions where people were obviously not listening at each
other and exchanging not very constructive criticism. The whole idea of
bonobo-conf has been around for more than  year now and every time it
comes around, it is for even more flaming than bonobo.)
	- we want to ship Gnome 2 in a very short schedule

The first point's goal is simply to stress that martin should not have
done what he did: this is not acceptable. There is no single person
deciding on the future of gnome-libs. As ramiro explained it, I would
like to repeat it once more because it seems people are not listening to
him: "ALL NEW CODE IS BUGGY". No matter what a good coder you are, we'll
have to debug the code when we write the first big applications for it.
This already happened in bonobo for the UIHandler code. This happened
with gconf. This is going to happen to the bonobo-conf code. This is
_real fucking life_.

To me, the point above means simply it is IMPOSSIBLE to change now
gnome-libs to use bonobo-conf. There is no possible discussion on this
unles we decide to review completely the release schedule for Gnome 2.
So, if we want to discuss something, let's discuss the release schedule.


Mathieu Lacage <mathieu gnu org>
Portable: <lacage itineris net>

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