Re: Sun's System Architecture Council and the Architecture Process: Invitation to Partcipate

> Now the interesting thing with GNOME is that its one of the first large
> open source projects that will be going through this process. Sun's System 
> Architecture Committee is not sure how well Sun's process will adapt to 
> open source projects. So, that's why we'd like your feedback. Perhaps the 
> best way is to participate in the actual reviews. Anyway, let me know if 
> you'd like me to post Sun's GNOME review schedule to this alias, alternatively 
> we could contact component 'owners' individually.

I'm at least interested in helping out with this (even after reading the
20 questions, *grin*)...why don't you go ahead and post the schedule to
the list? I think there's a lot we can learn from this process, it looks
quite reasonable and not just meaningless paperwork shuffle.


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