Quantification & Purification (get performance help)


Given numerous complaints about GNOME performance I have decided to try
to help take a bite out of processor cycles. To this end I now have a
machine with a GNOME build and Quantify (an excellent profiler from
Rationale) and the infamous Purify (for finding memory leaks) running on
a Solaris box. If you would like help improving the performance of your
library/application, or just finding memory leaks I'm now open to help

Unless this is a key library/application (I'll leave you to judge that
for yourself) please make sure it compiles cleanly on Solaris/SPARC so
we don't spend to much time just porting the thing. That said, I'm
willing to help pretty much anyone who really wants this done. If you're
interested in such assistance, please grab a hold of me on #gnome or
#nautilus (nick is herring or seth).



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